• Horezu Espresso Cup
  • Horezu Espresso Cup
Horezu Espresso Cup
Horezu Espresso Cup

Casa De Folklore

Horezu Espresso Cup

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Tan Horezu Espresso Cup (sold individually).

Each piece is lovingly handmade by Romanian artisans using techniques that have been passed down through generations. The colours used are natural, made from local minerals and clays, then applied to the ceramics with cow horns and finetuned with wooden sticks. Each piece is shaped traditionally on a simple kick wheel and decorated with a traditional Romanian motif.

In the pursuit of ensuring a long life for your pottery, as well as keeping the beautiful colours as vibrant as the day they were made, we recommend to wash by hand.

About Casa De Folklore

Case De Folklore celebrates authentic Romanian craft through hand-picked, one of a kind pieces straight from the artisan's atelier. Founder, Textiles Designer, Alice Munteanu was born and raised in Romania and surrounded herself with traditional Romanian folk art and homewares to keep memories of home close when she moved to the UK as a teenager. Alice works closely with craftspeople to keep Romanian tales and traditions alive in a modern world; each piece is made by hand based on local, natural products and according to ancestral techniques, passed down from generation to generation. 

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14.5cm x 3.5cm


As with all handmade crafts, no two pieces are the same, and, as a result, minor differences may exist from piece-to-piece. Each pattern is unique and showcases imperfections and the marks of the craftsperson

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