• Madeleine Carafe Vase
Madeleine Carafe Vase

Petra Palumbo

Madeleine Carafe Vase

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This beauty is the same shape as our iconic bedside carafe but larger. Holding up to 1L, it’s great for serving water, fruit juice or even wine. It also makes an excellent vessel for supporting floppier stemmed flowers, like tulips or hyacinths. Proudly hand painted in the UK.

About Petra Palumbo

Designed with the environment as the focal point of departure from beginning to end, Petra’s signature hand painted glass carafe and tumbler sets were created as a stylish alternative to plastic water bottles; and her eponymous homeware company followed suit. Weaving in influences from her Lebanese ancestry, and the eternally rich heritage of Scotland, the place she calls home, Petra’s collections are made for a better and more beautiful world. From the first sketches to the moment of their arrival at your home, every piece is designed with beauty and sustainability in mind.

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12cm x 20.5cm


Hand wash and dry immediately

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