• Frilly Mug Terracotta
  • Frilly Mug Terracotta
Frilly Mug Terracotta
Frilly Mug Terracotta

Paige Mitchell

Frilly Mug Terracotta

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Terracotta earthenware mug with a frilly rim. Hand thrown on the wheel with a handle attached once the piece is leather hard. Fired once to 1080 degrees celsius, then stamped, waxed, and dipped individually into a matte black glaze. Once dry the piece is ready for a final 1080 degree firing.

Measures approximately 10cm x 8.5cm

Not microwave or dishwasher safe.

About Paige Mitchell

Working out of her studio on the top floor of Elm, Paige creates work which serves to function in her other daily activities. Inspired by traditional pottery and various periods throughout history, she develops plentiful vases, mugs, and planters for use both in the home and in the garden. Her ideas are developed through gardening, sketchbook drawing, and both wheel thrown and hand-built ceramics.

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Measures approximately 10cm x 8.5cm


Your item may look a bit different to the one we’ve photographed here. This piece is carefully made by hand, making each one entirely unique, another reason to really treasure it

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