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Carafe in Nude

The Fable Things carafe has been designed by us and hand-made by artisans right here in the UK. Finished with a textural striped glaze and natural dimples our carafe has a lovely tactile feel.

Each piece is slowly crafted by hand with perfect imperfections making each and every piece unique.

Wonderfully wonky in all the right places with nods to modern and modular functionality.

Tumblers sold separately.

About Fable Things

Fable Things creates conscious creations to bring playfulness and joy to everyday items at home. Founders Andy and Sam Thompson are inspired by nature and modern interpretations of surrealist and dada art. After long-term careers within the fashion industry, they wanted to create a conscious, heart based lifestyle brand with a sense of community, respect and inclusivity. Whilst focusing on localism and appreciating the beauty of everyday materials, Andy and Sam champion the use of traditional craft, hand-built ceramics and a desire for slower, durable and emotionally connected design with all products designed and created within the UK.

Made in

Handmade in the UK


Height 23.5cm, hold up to 400ml of liquid


As this is a hand made product sizes and colours may vary slightly

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