• Minty Triton Candelabra
  • Minty Triton Candelabra
Minty Triton Candelabra
Minty Triton Candelabra

WAX Atelier

Minty Triton Candelabra

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The 3 arm ceramic candelabra is one-of-a-kind holder handcrafted by French ceramicist Anja Miau, exclusively for WAX Atelier.

Create your indoor folly by using a combinaatibron of thin celebration candles, plant stems and flowers

Sold with a packet of 8 Celebration candles.


Height: ±20cm

Width: ±10cm

Diameter of the candle holes: ±5mm

Material: Porcelain, glazes

About WAX Atelier

Wax Atelier makes natural wax candles by revisiting traditional techniques. Founders, multidisciplinary artists, Lola Lely and Yesenia Thibault-Picazo use making to explore the interconnection between the natural world and material culture. Their products are manufactured in Barking, East London, by a team of trained artisans, originating from the local community. Their dinner candles are made with beeswax and plant-based wax combined with other natural ingredients unique to each collection. Crafted in a spectrum of gradient colours, their candles are ready to bring a seasonal nod to your centrepiece, fireplace and beyond.

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Porcelain, Glazes

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