• Vintage Glaoui Runner No. R0008
  • Vintage Glaoui Runner No. R0008
  • Vintage Glaoui Runner No. R0008
Vintage Glaoui Runner No. R0008
Vintage Glaoui Runner No. R0008
Vintage Glaoui Runner No. R0008


Vintage Glaoui Runner No. R0008

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Circa 2001. This vintage Glaoui runner has a soft faded base and features a beautiful mix of cascading hues. The wool is dyed using natural ingredients including madder, saffron and Indigo, which is a method still used today in the region of Glaoua, Morocco, and gives the rugs a unique palate that shifts in intensity and saturation.

Vintage Moroccan rugs are collectable canvases, originally made by hand by Amazigh women over the course of months, sometimes years. Originally woven to protect families from the harsh mountain winters and passed down through generations. Each piece is unique with colours and patterns that are emblematic of the tribe that it is from, and symbolises the identity of the woman who made it. 

Each of our rugs has a story that started long before its arrival to Moussem and may show imperfections, crooked lines and asymmetrical compositions that are both geometric and soulful. Some older rugs may show signs of wear, repairs or fading, these imperfections are signs of authenticity and character, not flaws. 


About Moussem

Moussem empowers women artisans in Morocco by bringing their handmade, expertly crafted rugs to your home. Rugs have been woven for generations by the indigenous Amazigh people, each piece telling its own story and each style emblematic of the maker’s tribe. Moussem aims to preserve this collective heritage by sourcing directly from weavers spread across Morocco’s mountainous regions, ensuring that they receive a fair price and re-establishing the craft as a viable career for these talented young women. A Moussem rug will bring the magic of ancestral craftsmanship and give you a direct connection to the hidden soul of Morocco.

Made in



200 x 75 cm


100% wool



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