• The Heroines Pyxis
  • The Heroines Pyxis
  • The Heroines Pyxis
The Heroines Pyxis
The Heroines Pyxis
The Heroines Pyxis

Eleanor Carter

The Heroines Pyxis

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“The Heroines Pyxis” is a unique one-off piece exclusive to Glassette.

Created by hand using acrylic paint and oil pastels on a beautiful handmade khadi paper.

This artwork is inspired by legendary women and Greek womanhood. The colour red evoking a sense of energy, passion and vitality, makes this artwork vibrant and classical.

30cm x 42.5cm, unframed.

Original art is non-returnable.

About Eleanor Carter

Eleanor is a British artist working from her studio in St Leonards 0n Sea! The joyful nature of Eleanor’s art comes from her childhood memories of playing on the beaches in Australia and a lifetime living by the sea. Inspired by nature’s momentary beauty Eleanors art is a bold, light-hearted abstract mesmeric gaze into the details of her environment. Her style changes with the seasons, keeping it fresh.

Having studied a masters in art, Eleanor boldly strips back the immediate visuals to highlight the plethora of beautiful Earthly compositions we often overlook: The sea as you've seen it in-passing, the pebble you thought was wondrous now forgotten, the drift-wood that told a story.

Made in

St Leonards On-Sea


30cm x 42.5cm


Acrylic and oil pastel on beautiful handmade khadi paper 320gsm


Unframed, fits perfectly into an A2 slim black frame.

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