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  • Contain This 16
  • Contain This 16
  • Contain This 16
Contain This 16
Contain This 16
Contain This 16

Zanny Mellor

Contain This 16

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This painting series reflects on feelings of containment during the first UK lockdown. The playful gestures in acrylic paint and pencil swing inward or dive off the edges of the paper, barely contained within the composition and painted in colours that challenge monotony and create energy for the viewer.

This original artwork is sold unframed.

42 x 29.5 cm

Original art is non-returnable.

About Zanny Mellor

Zanny Mellor is a British artist and designer working in painting, collage and photography. Her playful unique abstract artworks explore themes of energy, time and space through impactful shapes and gestural brushstrokes. Comparing timeframes within the body, mind and landscape, she explores a sense of impermanence and transformation.

The colour, vitality and dynamic compositions of this collection is a reaction to the un-colourful life experienced during lockdowns and a craving for the social and cultural interaction.

Made in

United Kingdom


42 x 29.5cm


Acrylic and pencil painting on paper


Original art is non-returnable

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