• The Dreamer in Pink
  • The Dreamer in Pink
The Dreamer in Pink
The Dreamer in Pink

Ed Burkes

The Dreamer in Pink

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30x40cm gouache on paper 



I like to think of image making loosely as a 'dancefloor'. A successful dancefloor should be a site of communication and exchange. It is a metaphor for collective experience, euphoria, and sentimentality; it is also a place of tension and trauma. The dance floor is a place of colour and intensity, it's a place to listen, just as much as it is a place to make noise. I think of the dance floor as a placeholder of what has gone by and there is a sentimentality to this. The dance floor is a place of township and it’s a mid-land. The dance floor is a place of significance and it is a place of existence.

Original art is non-returnable.

About Ed Burkes

Ed (B.1994) is a Painter who lives and works in Plymouth U.K.

'My intent as an image maker is to paint through words. I am fascinated by the notion that narrative, truth and fiction can lend themselves to one another in a way that can offer up genuine questions. Words can in fact lie but feeling is universal in its potency.'

Made in

Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom






Original art is non-returnable

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