• Connection series collage by Hannah Ludnow
Connection series collage by Hannah Ludnow

Hannah Ludnow

Connection series collage by Hannah Ludnow

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Hannah uses painted paper and mark making based on her landscape work and then cuts these pieces up and reimagines them into abstract compositions to find new connections. 

30cm x 24cm 

Original art is non-returnable.


About Hannah Ludnow

My abstract paintings has grown out of my landscape work. I started to abstract the elements of these paintings right back to line, shape and colour. I wanted to create a sense of calm and peace in the space, the elements should be in sync with each other, resonate and sit in tranquility. They are ethereal and dream like but have structure. I recently started to explore stripping these back even further to structured shape work, the shapes sit in harmony with each other, whilst I still use deep rich earthy pigments in all my abstract work which ties back to a landscape setting.

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30cm x 25cm


Mixed media


Original art is non-returnable

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