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Rays Marmalade
Rays Marmalade


Rays Marmalade

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Handpainted wooden frame with matching mount. Part of the Rays collection, illuminating artworks whilst creating art itself. Finished with a lacquer gloss and real glass pane. 

(A4) Exterior measurement 38.5 cm x 48 cm

(A3) Exterior measurement 47.5 cm x 60 cm

Base colour is a stoney pink.

Made to order and non-returnable. Dispatched 6 weeks from purchase.

About Spring

Spring frames embodies a passion for bold pattern and colour juxtaposed against a simple, timeless frame design. "The simplicity and cleans lines of a wooden frame make it the perfect playground for colour and vibrancy". An often over-looked part of the art buying process, the frames work hard to create a harmonious window between the viewer and the work. Whether framing a modern print or a traditional painting Spring frames seek to enhance the artworks they house whilst offering a more playful way to display works.

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