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Inès Tahiri-Alaoui


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Raisin Original Painting.

The beauty of the fruit bowl. 

The tranquility and beauty of the classic fruit bowl captured in a contemporary silhouette. Pêche is a one of a kind original painting on delicate off-white recycled paper. Finding simplicity and beauty within the everyday fruit bowl that sits in our kitchens, the painting takes inspiration from masterful renaissance still life works. 

Stripping away detail and focusing on the simplistic forms that we so commonly associate with the place where we sit our fruit. Pêche would be a perfect edition to any kitchen or dining room wall, with a fruit bowl strategically placed right beneath it. 

Acrylic on off-white recycled paper, unframed.

410 x 555 mm 

Original art is non-returnable.

About Inès Tahiri-Alaoui

Inès Tahiri-Alaoui is a London based British/Moroccan/French self-taught artist working primarily with acrylic paint to create collections of original works on canvas and paper.

Her work focuses on creating a sense of harmony and balance through her neutral abstract and figurative paintings whilst incorporating a warm muted tonal palette. She takes inspiration from nature, everyday objects and the female form to produce simplified compositions that allow the viewer to see what they want to see within her works.

Made in

Oxford, UK


410 x 555 mm 


Acrylic on off-white recycled paper.


Original art is non-returnable

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