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Alice Tye

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From Alice's series of paintings Street View Road Trip.

Using only Google Street View for reference, the paintings make use of the distorted perspective created by the revolving camera to create scenes that are both vivid and detailed yet eerily still. The streets are empty, a parked car sits outside a motel, a single car follows in the distance. The paintings capture the iconic American tropes - the cars, the motels, the wide roads, yet the scenes do not feel idealised or bombastic. They are simply single moments captured in a (virtual) trip.

Printed on archival quality Hahnemühle German Etching paper, 310gsm

Dimensions: 410 x 215mm

Important note: The frame is not included

About Alice Tye

Alice Tye is a London based painter and illustrator. Alice’s work is inspired by places she has travelled to, as well as cinema and architecture often using the visual language of films in both her compositions and colour palettes. She has painted numerous series inspired by the varied landscapes of the USA and Japan. Alice exclusively paints in oil paints on paper, canvas and board and produces giclee prints of her paintings to make her work accessible to everyone.

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41cm x 21.5cm

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