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English Fruits

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Sold as a set of four tapered dinner candles.

Take a trip to the English countryside with these hand-painted candles. Intricately painted blackberries, gooseberries, apples and pears that are ripe all year round. 

Hand poured from beeswax, these candles have a soft honeycomb scent. Natural and renewable, beeswax has a longer, cleaner burn than traditional candles. When lit, it emits negative ions that cleanse the air of dust, pollen and toxins - like a beautiful, natural air purifier! And to top it off, beeswax is also believed to help boost creativity and a better night’s sleep - what more could you want?

D: 23mm x H: 230mm
Burning time approx. 6.5 hours

About Bable

Bable is pronounced bay-ball and stands for Bianca and table combined. From zesty lemons to fiery chillies and purr-fect prints, each Bable candle is unique and hand-painted in London using toxic-free acrylics. Whilst working as a primary school teacher, Bianca spent a sunny weekend playing around painting candles in the garden. Bold and bright, she wrapped them up as a gift and took them to a friend’s dinner party. Et voilà, Bable was born! She is a woman on a mission; to create joyous, sustainable candles with a big personality. 

Made in

United Kingdom


Natural beeswax

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Dispatched 3-5 days from purchase

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