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  • Vintage Glaoui Rug No. R0044
  • Vintage Glaoui Rug No. R0044
  • Vintage Glaoui Rug No. R0044
Vintage Glaoui Rug No. R0044
Vintage Glaoui Rug No. R0044
Vintage Glaoui Rug No. R0044


Vintage Glaoui Rug No. R0044

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Circa 2006. This Glaoui rug has a vibrant red base, with accents of sage, orange and dark brown. The pattern is made of cascading diamonds, which signify abundance and the nurturing force of women in Amazigh culture. Sourced from a rural village in the Glaoua region near Marrakech in Morocco.

Amazigh rugs are originally handmade by Amazigh women, who have learnt the skill of weaving from their mothers and grandmothers. Each piece is unique and carries the personal story of its weaver.

Our rugs have a strong character that shows in the imperfections they proudly display, reminding us of the beauty of authenticity and slow patient craftsmanship.

About Moussem

Moussem empowers women artisans in Morocco by bringing their handmade, expertly crafted rugs to your home. Rugs have been woven for generations by the indigenous Amazigh people, each piece telling its own story and each style emblematic of the maker’s tribe. Moussem aims to preserve this collective heritage by sourcing directly from weavers spread across Morocco’s mountainous regions, ensuring that they receive a fair price and re-establishing the craft as a viable career for these talented young women. A Moussem rug will bring the magic of ancestral craftsmanship and give you a direct connection to the hidden soul of Morocco.

Made in



160 x 75 cm


100% wool



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