• Dave Loves Disco 1
Dave Loves Disco 1

Sharon James

Dave Loves Disco 1

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100m x100mm original painting in a 30mm matt white frame.

Sharon manipulates paint to gain a better understanding of its qualities. Researching its opacity and translucency.

On completing each set, she found that she already had an idea for the next palette and also the marks she wanted to explore. Sharon used 12 pieces of 350gsm watercolour paper measuring 10cm x 10cm.

She used the exact same palette for each painting, the paint was applied in a variety of ways. The majority of them she painted in recycled emulsion paint. Dave Loves

Disco was inspired by the gay scene in Brighton. Vibrant colours and personalities. Each painting is totally unique.

Framed size: 16x16cm

Original art is non-returnable.

About Sharon James

Sharon is a professional artist based in Dorset. Her original abstract paintings on Glassette are based on the idea of repetition and deliberate gesture. Her painting is intuitive but carefully considered. Her use of colour aims to reveal or conceal underlying layers. Exploring the translucency and opacity of each colour. Using either ‘fat’ or ‘thin’ paint, the textures of which are very important to the work.
There is a rhythm and variety in the brushstrokes. Each painting is like a written text or a dance being choreographed. Each mark adding to the rhythm of the painting.

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Unframed size: 10x10cm
Framed size: 16x16cm


350gsm Watercolour paper and white wooden frame

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1 Week


Original abstract painting

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