• Hand Wash Refill 3 Pack
  • Hand Wash Refill 3 Pack
Hand Wash Refill 3 Pack
Hand Wash Refill 3 Pack


Hand Wash Refill 3 Pack

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Clean and protect your hands with this botanical plant-based hand wash. Fragranced with 100% essential oils including mandarin oil, known as an anti-inflamatory it helps cellular growth of new skin cells & tissue to rejuvenate hard working hands. Clary sage is a great co-pilot, offering rash and skin healing benefits and regulating natural oils.

Order in packs of three, and always have a refill at the ready.

KANKAN plant a tree with every can sold.


KANKAN is a no-fuss, elegant at home refill and reuse solution that is easy on the eye and easy on the planet. Founded by frustration, Eliza and Mary's mission is to reduce waste in the bathroom without the sacrifice of convenience or having gorgeous products that work and smell incredible. Using only essential oils and natural ingredients, the soaps are long lasting, nourishing and kind to all skins. 

Made in



330 ml


98.7% Natural, aluminium refill cans


Free from: Silicones, Sulphates, Palm oil. Vegan friendly and Cruelty free

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