• Berat Vintage Rug
  • Berat Vintage Rug
  • Berat Vintage Rug
Berat Vintage Rug
Berat Vintage Rug
Berat Vintage Rug


Berat Vintage Rug

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A 1920s to 1930s Sivas rug from central Anatolia. Pale yellow-cream field with four pale yellow lozenges around a small centre medallion. There is a pale green order of panelled medallions in chestnut, pale yellow-cream and chestnut floral guards.

Delicate patterning in an overall attractive soft palette, typical of Sivas rugs. Fine, close clipped pile.

A great choice if you are looking for an overall soft, neutral effect but with real colour once you are close up. 

Buying a vintage rug means getting the craftsmanship and care of centuries of rug making expertise, as with all hand-made things, it allows for a bit of variation and unpredictability. These rugs aren’t perfect but they each have their own story.

About Yarn

Yarn is a mother-daughter team based in the Cotswolds and London, sourcing vintage and antique rugs to suit contemporary spaces. Each rug is handpicked for its design, quality and craftsmanship, from colourful kilims to 19th-century carpets.

Made in

Central Anatolia


210 X 151cm


100% wool



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