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  • Bramble Ramble Candle Stick Holder
  • Bramble Ramble Candle Stick Holder
Bramble Ramble Candle Stick Holder
Bramble Ramble Candle Stick Holder

Minnie-Mae Stott

Bramble Ramble Candle Stick Holder

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Hand-painted ceramic candlestick holder featuring bramble design.

"From fond memories as a kid, wondering around the Hackney marshes picking blackberries on balmy late summer days. Getting juicy stained fingers, purple smushes on your sun dress and that sweet smell of ripe bramble fruit. The occasional spotting of a heron and a family of swans swimming by. All fun days by the River Lee were ended with a trip to one of the riverside pubs, a packet of ham and mustard crisps and an appetiser yes please! A lovely haven of nature for us kids growing up in Hackney."

Transparent glaze will subtly crackle over time.

About Minnie-Mae Stott

Minnie-Mae Stott is based in Margate, creating and producing ceramics, printed textiles and interior decoration. British seaside landscapes, the history of London, Greek mythology and Italian kitsch decoration inspire and inform her imagery and exploration of design, resulting in a healthy obsession with columns and seashells. Her hand-crafted ceramics are objects of empowerment, designed to evoke nostalgia and strength, whilst focusing on classical design.

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15cm x 15cm x 3cm



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