• Long Oval Slipware Platter with Green Dots
  • Long Oval Slipware Platter with Green Dots
Long Oval Slipware Platter with Green Dots
Long Oval Slipware Platter with Green Dots

Ali Hewson

Long Oval Slipware Platter with Green Dots

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This is a handmade ceramic platter, decorated with slip (liquid clay).

A white slip base is poured over the plate when wet, and the black iron slip trailed by hand deftly over the top, followed by the green dots.
Inspired by hand writing studies and traditional motifs, each plate is a unique variation on the slip trailed pattern. After an initial firing, the piece is glazed in a food-safe glossy glaze and fired in the kiln once more. 

This platter is made to order, with a lead time of 4-5 weeks from purchase.

Each piece is handmade by Ali in her Norfolk studio in small batches, and fired in an electric kiln powered by renewable energy.

About Ali Hewson

Ali Hewson makes ceramic tableware and vessels inspired by 17th century domestic objects, along with traditional handwriting studies and repeated motifs. Each piece is made individually, either painted or slip trailed, from her studio in Norwich. Inspired by English slipware, her work applies traditional techniques to contemporary forms. Materials lead Ali’s refined colour palette. Iron and cobalt oxides give browns, black, and blue, paired with the warm natural colours of iron-heavy and white stoneware clays sourced from within the UK. Ali makes small batches of slip from recycled clay, which are then carefully coloured with oxides before use.

Made in

United Kingdom


31cm long, 21cm wide



Lead time

Please allow four to five weeks from purchase for shipping.


Your item may look a bit different to the one we’ve photographed here. This piece is carefully made by hand, making each one entirely unique, another reason to really treasure it

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