• Buon Ricordo, Carnia-Venzone (2016)
Buon Ricordo, Carnia-Venzone (2016)

Artemis Deco

Buon Ricordo, Carnia-Venzone (2016)

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These special Italian plates are individually hand-decorated by the craftsmen of the Ceramica Artistica Solimene for Ristorante Buono Ricordo and have been considered a wonderful collectors item since the restaurant’s inception in 1964.

 Each plate was originally given as a gift to customers who chose the local speciality at each of the Buon Ricordo restaurants. 

About Artemis Deco

Artemis Deco sources and curates beautiful homewares from independent makers across Europe, none of which can be found anywhere else in the UK. Founders Maja and Toby aim to bring a sense of travel and discovery home, taking their inspiration from the beautiful objects in Maja’s parents kitchen, collected from years of memorable holidays all over the world.

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L24 x W24 x H3cm



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