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Wiggle Mug

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Wiggle Mug

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The Pollock inspired splatter wiggle mugs are handmade, making each one unique.

Have a work of art to drink your tea or coffee from.

Choose smooth terracotta or white clay for your mug with Harlie's signatrue wiggle handle to finish.

Once bisque fired Harlie paints and splatters each mug with a mixture of different underglaze colours, they are then finish by washing a layer of glossy clear glaze over the top, the mugs are then fired a final time to make them ready to use.

About Harlie Brown Studio

Harlie Brown Studio creates organically shaped ceramics from her studio on the Kent coast. Founder Harlie makes each piece in her collection by hand using a variety of techniques such as slab building, coiling and pinching. In creating this way, she can really get a feel for the clay and the way it wants to move, creating beautiful dimples and gently formed curves. Hand-building also means no one item is the same and there’s a quality of imperfect perfection. Harlie’s collections are full of colour and playfulness, wiggle mugs and charming french plates.

Made in

Handmade in the UK


Holds approx 330/340ml


Earthenware clay and glazed with non toxic glazes

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This product is finished to order and will be dispatched 5 days from purchase


Your item may look a bit different to the one we’ve photographed here. This piece is carefully made by hand, making each one entirely unique, another reason to really treasure it

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