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This KOSA storage jar in clear glass, is inspired by the tapering shape of Indian ‘lotas’ which are used to hold water for drinking, washing or religious rituals.


Made from soda-lime glass each glass jar is mouth blown into a mould, so there is a slight variation in thickness between jars. The lids are made from cork and sheesham, an indigenous and sustainably sourced hardwood.

Available in two sizes.

About Tiipoi

Tiipoi are a product design studio based between Bangalore and London. Tiipoi want to celebrate Indian craft and recognise that India is changing and shifting all the time. The brand don’t want to tell nostalgic stories of it's past but prefer to look at what is happening right now, and highlight it's role in contemporary design.

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Small dia. 10.6cm x h 13.5cm, large dia. 16.8cm x h 19.3cm | small 0.5l, large 2l


Soda lime glass

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