• The Fierce Lion Flag
  • The Fierce Lion Flag
The Fierce Lion Flag
The Fierce Lion Flag

Asafo Flags

The Fierce Lion Flag

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 Only A Fierce Lion Can Take On Any Challenge.

The popular iconology used by flag makers depicts the power of a lion which is protected by flowers against two ships.

Made by master flag maker Baba Issaka 


About Asafo Flags

Asafo Flags are story telling flags made by men along the coast from the Fante towns in Ghana. They embody cultural meanings and narratives through proverbs.
Barbara Eyeson (Ghanaian/Fante, UK based) sources vintage flags directly from Ghana and curates newly made flags working collaboratively with 3 of the last remaining flag-makers ensuring that they receive a fair price and to keep the traditional art-form alive within Fante communities. 

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115 x 80 cm



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