• Eco-Friendly Cushion Inner
Eco-Friendly Cushion Inner

Cutting Floor Cushions

Eco-Friendly Cushion Inner

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Cutting Floor Cushion inners are generously filled with pre-consumer textile offcuts, otherwise discarded by fashion and interior manufacturers. These fabrics are re-pulled into their fibrous form to create a comfortable and eco-conscious cushion pad. Each is handmade-to-order in the UK and encased in cotton calico.

About Cutting Floor Cushions

Cutting Floor Cushions makes eco-friendly cushion inners and decorative covers in London. Founder Jacqui initially set out to find a use for her own sewing scraps and ended up developing the idea behind her unique cushion inners which are generously filled with pre-consumer fabric offcuts…creating cushions that are both comfortable and conscious.

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Cotton calico filled with pre-consumer textile offcuts

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