• Fruity Name Placers
  • Fruity Name Placers
Fruity Name Placers
Fruity Name Placers

Tatiana Alida Design

Fruity Name Placers

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The Fruity Name Placers are the perfect item for those hosting a dinner party or a wedding. They are printed on the front and back in order to stand out and add colour to any table.


About Tatiana Alida Design

Tatiana Alida Design creates perfectly imperfect, whimsical illustrations and candy coloured wooden frames. Founder Tatiana Alida Carrelet is a French-British Art and Design graduate who one day dreamt of becoming an illustrator. Having worked hard to pursue her goal, Tatiana is proud to work on collaborations with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands such as Victoria Beckham and Clarins. She collects inspiration from every corner of her life, saving everything for later in her scrapbooks and revisiting them time and again when starting her creations.

Made in



10 cm x 4 cm (when folded)


The Name Placers come in a pack of 10.

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