• Baby Nongo Gourd Small
Baby Nongo Gourd Small


Baby Nongo Gourd Small

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An absolute cutie, these Nongo gourds started life as water vessels, lined with clay.

We love them styled as little vases for dried flowers or greenery, or just simply added to your interior for the perfect texture pop for that selfie.

About Ilala

Ilala reinvents traditional woven ware for the modern home, crafted by weaving communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Founder Miranda Vedral works closely with the talented artisans who make the Ilala products; every piece is woven from organic ilala palm, river reeds, grasses, cane, grain stalks and creepers. The grasses reflect the particular climate, topography and ecology of each region of Africa, and the distinct patterns and styles express traditional craftsmanship and cultural heritage of the communities that weave them. Ilala helps communities maintain ancient skills and helps local women to gain financial independence. Ilala supports CAMFED, Campaign For Female Education, an international non-profit organisation tackling poverty and inequality by supporting marginalised girls to go to school.

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