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Spring In Bloom
Spring In Bloom
Spring In Bloom

Harlie Briggs Art

Spring In Bloom

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'Spring Again' is a collection by Harlie Briggs that makes us long for those lighter evenings, green filled gardens, fresher mornings and new life. Her work explores earthy colours and the different shapes and chain-like branches of nature. Particularly interested in tulips, which are often known as the first flower to bud in Spring, you will see these pop up in her abstract nature paintings to represent the beginning of the joyful season. 'Spring Again' was created to remind the viewer to take a piece of Spring with them, filled with hope and scenic pastures, but to also appreciate the passing of seasons and to ride through and savour them, rather than simply waiting for Spring to come back around again. 

Spring In Bloom was inspired by the the different pastel colours that you spot as you’re going for your evening Spring walks. Th appearance of the different shades of leaf green are accentuated in the background. 

41cm x 30.5cm x 3.5cm.

Original art is non-returnable.

About Harlie Briggs Art

Harlie Briggs up-cycles vases with her abstract paintings exploring colour, emotion, nature and the female body. Founder, nature and nude artist Harlie’s creative process involves women participating in her art by sharing their raw and powerful selves – their nudes. Creating fine art in the form of real life womens’ bodies brings connection and warmth to her work; it is a safe space where body image, empowering women and celebrating the female form are at the centre of her practice. Her natural creations evoke feelings of serenity for the viewer, mirroring the placidity of nature.

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41cm x 30.5cm x 3.5cm




Original art is non-returnable

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