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Ruby Bateman


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Original ink drawing on cartridge paper, depicting the portrait of a young man named ‘Augustine’.


Ruby continually references antiquity in her work. ‘Augustine’ is a joyful homage to the Classical Greek and Roman period, as seen in its namesake and reproduction of floral motifs in the boarder, found in the vase and urn illustrations of the time.


Inidan ink on A3 cartridge paper


Dark solid oak wood frame

L 32  W 1.5 H44 cm



Original art is non-returnable.

About Ruby Bateman

Ruby Bateman is a visual artist, working and living in Hackney, London. Often her work investigates her personal and political identification with 'the mother' and (institutionalised) motherhood, which love and loss has led her to desire. Using a richly colourful and symbolic visual language, she references classicism, the spiritual, and her own fiction. Ruby is fascinated with the alchemic and transformative power of the artist, and how the creative process allows her to connect to a deeper maternal consciousness.

Made in

United Kingdom


L 32 W 1.5 H44 cm


Indian ink on cartridge paper, solid oak wood frame


Original ink drawing on cartridge by Ruby Bateman

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