• Born To Multiply Plate
  • Born To Multiply Plate
  • Born To Multiply Plate
Born To Multiply Plate
Born To Multiply Plate
Born To Multiply Plate

Victoria Gilles Fernandez Ceramics

Born To Multiply Plate

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This is a handbuilt stoneware plate. The pattern has been inlaid by hand with coloured clay. After the first firing, it is painted with underglazes to complete the design and then it is finished with a clear glaze. It is suitable for serving food.

Orders made between the 24th of January - 28th January will be dispatched on the 30th of January 2023.

About Victoria Gilles Fernandez Ceramics

Victoria Ceramics makes colourful, handmade ceramics to bring life and vibrancy into every room. Founder Victoria Gilles Fernández is a graphic designer and potter from Buenos Aires, based in Manchester, UK where she makes all her products. She uses colour and patterns to highlight form, taking inspiration from art history, native Latin American cultures and the need to reconnect with nature and rituals. Each object is made using hand-building techniques, made to order and in small batches. Victoria loves the variations from pot to pot and enjoys the peculiarities that arise in each object when working in this way.

Made in

United Kingdom


24x2.5 cm


Stoneware clay


This is a unique piece made with love and dedication.

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