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  • The Marbled Ones
The Marbled Ones
The Marbled Ones
The Marbled Ones

Harlie Brown Studio

The Marbled Ones

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Harlie Brown Studios new marbled collection.

A labor of love The Marbled Ones are created mixing two different coloured clay bodies together creating the piece then refining to enhance the natural marbled swirly goodness.

Due to the nature of this process each plate will be different and have a varied mix of colors.

Each one finished with a clear glaze

Rough sizes below for each plate, although will vary due to the nature of the clay:

Side - 13 cm

Desert - 19 cm

Dinner - 23 cm

Serving - 28 cm

Made to order, dispatched 3-4 weeks from purchase.

About Harlie Brown Studio

Harlie Brown Studio creates organically shaped ceramics from her studio on the Kent coast. Founder Harlie makes each piece in her collection by hand using a variety of techniques such as slab building, coiling and pinching. In creating this way, she can really get a feel for the clay and the way it wants to move, creating beautiful dimples and gently formed curves. Hand-building also means no one item is the same and there’s a quality of imperfect perfection. Harlie’s collections are full of colour and playfulness, wiggle mugs and charming french plates.

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Made to order – dispatched 2-3 weeks from point of order

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