• Noosa III Vase
  • Noosa III Vase
  • Noosa III Vase
Noosa III Vase
Noosa III Vase
Noosa III Vase

de la Jardin

Noosa III Vase

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Noosa III Vase Blue

In striking Klein Blue, the Noosa III vase will be a statement piece in any room. 

Inspired by paper mache, de la Jardin brings together eco-living and art by recycling discarded paper and card waste into paper clay. Her sculpted vases are tactile and stone like to touch, making every vase is slightly wonky, unique and perfectly imperfect!

Style as a decorative piece or with dried flowers. Note: Not water tight.

This piece has an 11-12 week leadtime.

About de la Jardin

de la Jardin makes artwork and organic sculptural objects centred around the philosophy of turning ‘trash into treasure’. Founder, artist and sculptor Jacqueline de la Fuente started de la Jardin through her obsession with ceramics, colour and form. Conscious of everyday waste and secretly wanting to pursue her passion, it comes naturally to her to explore paper maché and recycle paper and card, creating Paper Clay. A slow and meditative process, each piece is sculpted by hand evoking playful and colourful shapes to simply bring us joy. Jacqueline revives these everyday materials into objects to lovingly keep in our homes as decorative pieces of art.

Made in

London, UK


H 28cm x W 20cm x D 20cm


Paper and card pulp, glue, flour, water and joint compound

Lead time

This piece has an 11-12 week leadtime.


Hand sculpted using paper and card. Not water tight. Hand painted surface is not scratch resistant.

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