• Apple and Pear IV
  • Apple and Pear IV
  • Apple and Pear IV
Apple and Pear IV
Apple and Pear IV
Apple and Pear IV

Poppy BH

Apple and Pear IV

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Apple and Pear IV is a pen and oil pastel drawing by Poppy BH.

Poppy started making small drawings at the beginning of 2021 and hasn’t stopped since. This piece forms part of her third collection, and like all her drawings, she hoped to imbue everyday objects and scenes with a playful energy using strong linework, bold colours and a less is more approach. This drawing was inspired by Cezanne’s apple paintings and will be used as a study for a larger painting.

Original art is non-returnable.

About Poppy BH

Poppy BH is an illustrator based between London and Ireland. She didn’t go to a fancy art school – she didn’t even go to art school: she just really loves making things. 

With a tendency to start working small using pen and oil pastels, Poppy creates miniature drawings and sketches. These works on paper are characterised by strong line work and bold colours, which infuse all her chosen subjects with a lighthearted, playful and almost childish atmosphere. She then uses her favourite drawings as inspiration for larger ceramic sculptures.

Made in



180 x 160mm


Paper, wood, oil pastel, pen, glass


Original art is non-refundable

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