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Cedar Aroma Diffuser Lamp


Cedar Aroma Diffuser Lamp

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Cedar ceramic air diffusers are the perfect way to connect your living space with the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils. Each diffuser is also an air purifier and mood lamp, with a minimalist design that compliments any interior style.

Air diffusers release a fine mist of essential oils that will fill your home with a fragrance of your choice for up to twelve hours. Try pairing yours with Cedar’s bespoke range of essential oil blends. The aroma should last up to 12 hours when the diffuser is in Continuous mode.

Your diffuser can be used as an air humidifier and purifier. The water chamber’s capacity is 280ml.

There are four time settings: 1 hour / 3 hours / 8 hours / Always On.

It has two mist modes: Continuous / Intermittent. There are three light settings: Off / Bright / Dimmed.

To clean your diffuser, unplug it, empty the water and clear any residue with a kitchen towel or cotton bud.

About Cedar

Cedar makes home fragrances and aromatherapy products rooted in ritual and finding balance. They aim to help people establish rituals in life by promoting their wellbeing and encouraging them to make time for themselves through daily moments of peace and tranquility. Every candle is hand-poured in Cedar’s studio in Manchester using their 100% natural essential oils combined with a rapeseed wax blend.

Made in



148mm x 148mm x 125mm


Ceramic lid with a rubber wood base

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