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Kris Lamorena


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Acrylic on paper.

Custom framed in white stained maple with museum grade glass.

(Please note the frame appear more pink in the photos, it is a lot paler than this with just a hint of pink.)

There are no fixed naratives in my paintings. The figures are mostly fictional.  I try not so much to capture a likeness but an amalgamation of moods and characters, from life around me & in part self reflective. My inspirations come from old photographs, films and found images. They often form the  starting point after which the process of painting becomes more expressive.

17cm x 20cm including frame.

Original art is non-returnable.

About Kris Lamorena

Kris Lamorena is a London based Filipino artist known for her expressive figurative paintings.

Her subjects are fictional often portraying people at rest in everyday setting. She takes inspiration from her love of old photographs, cinema and her travels. Producing work in series on paper, canvas or wooden panels she explores the different qualities of the mediums working in ink, watercolour, acrylic and oils. She hopes to capture a sentiment, a mood.  Both familiar and nuanced her work invites the viewer to their own interpretation and join the conversation about identity and representation. 

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17cm x 20cm including frame


Acrylic on paper. Custom framed in white stained maple with museum grade non reflective glass.


Original art is non-returnable

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