Jessie & Lennie Ware

Musician Jessie Ware & her mum Lennie are known for their beautiful, meaningful and hilarious conversations about getting together with the people you love over good food. We sat down for a cup of tea with them to talk about their relationship and the central role that food plays in their family - from Lennie’s legendary chicken soup (there’s always a pot waiting for Jessie when she goes round) to Saturday mornings with the kids, dancing to the Sing 2 soundtrack in Jessie’s kitchen.



What is your favourite thing about going round to Lennie’s house? 

I give her all my laundry and she takes it with open arms and gets a wash on for me. No, in all seriousness, my favourite thing is opening the fridge, seeing what stuff she’s got on the top shelf, usually lots of chocolate, then having a cup of tea and deciding what to have for dinner. There’s always something in the fridge ready for me or something on the hob cooking. 


If your home had a soundtrack, what would it be?

It would be a mixture of Disney (for the kids), disco and soul or like, Jamz Supernova on a Saturday afternoon. My husband loves listening to jazz so that will be playing if we have moment to think and we’re not cleaning up crap off the floor or re-singing the Sing 2 soundtrack, with my son breakdancing on the floor pretending to be Johnny the Gorilla whilst he sings ‘I’m Still Standing’ or ‘A Sky Full of Stars’. Or my daughter reenacting the whole of Encanto’s ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’. So we try and be more sophisticated with jazz, or Changbin is constantly on and more recently for me - disco. 


A scent that makes you think of home

My mum’s house - spaghetti bolognese when it’s cooled down a bit but it’s still lingering or chicken soup. In my house, the smell of toast and coffee, I guess because we now are morning people with three children and I just love that smell - toast, coffee and laundry drying. And that makes me feel very nostalgic and happy. 


Taste that most makes you think of home:

At my mum’s - fish pulls from M&S or chicken liver pate (chopped liver, we call it).  At my home, probably coffee, we’ve been fuelled by it for a while and my husband is completely obsessed with his coffee routine in the morning now. It’s a whole ritual. Another taste is pesto-bloody-pasta because, well, I love pesto pasta, but it seems to be a regular in our kitchen. And that’s ok. 


Favourite comfort food to cook for Lennie: 

I don’t really cook comfort food for my mum but I do like to cook new, exciting things for her. She was quite impressed by my moroccan lamb at the weekend - a little purple sprouted roasting situation, toasted sourdough breadcrumbs, with capers, olives, anchovies, fennel seeds, mint, chillis. That was nice and she really liked that. Yeah I don’t think I really make comfort food for her but she always makes us chicken soup, that’s the one for her. 


If you & Lennie could swap houses with anyone in the world (real or fictional), who would you choose?

I think if I was going to swap houses, it would have to be somewhere in the mediterranean, so either the house in A Bigger Splash, the Tilda Swinton film or the house in Call Me By Your Name, I feel like either of those would suit us pretty well. 




What is your favourite thing about going round to Jessie’s house? 

I love going to Jessies to see my grandchildren. It’s always busy with lots going on – which is always fun.


If your home had a soundtrack, what would it be?

What's Your Pleasure, by Jessie Ware :)


A scent that makes you think of home:

Chicken soup – I always have one on the go at home for when guests spontaneously appear. I have a very special recipe that I have been cooking for years!


Taste that most makes you think of home:

Chicken soup – again! It’s an assault on the sense my chicken soup, for small and taste it really is my heaven.


Favourite comfort food to cook for Jessie: 

Chicken soup (is this my answer to everything)! Honestly whenever I go round to Jessie’s house it’s always a given then I will be bringing a pot of my chicken soup, come rain or shine, winter or summer it’s always with me. I am not sure I would be allowed in Jessies house without it!


If you & Jessie could swap houses with anyone in the world (real or fictional), who would you choose? 

Anyone with a modern glass house by the ocean. Bliss. 


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