Glassette co-founder and creative director Laura Jackson and her mum Frances share a mutual joy of hosting. We talk to them about growing up in a big sociable family and the art of making occasions out of the smallest moments at home. Baking something sweet is a must - from homemade chocolate torte to classic victoria sponge, both Frances and Laura know how to make their guests feel very cherished. 



Has hosting people always been an important thing in your family? 

Yes, absolutely. We always had a big busy family so even dinner time would feel like an occasion. My mum was so brilliant at turning anything into an ‘event’. We didn’t need much for a casual dinner to turn into a party! There was always lots of music at home and mum always made the best puddings!


If your home had a soundtrack, what would it be?

Best of Abba! I always used to listen to this when I was younger at home.


 A scent that makes you think of home:

Home-made rose perfume and lavender! My sisters and I used to go to the fields next door and make our own DIY rose perfume, and mum always had a bottle of lavender oil next to her bed. Both such gorgeous smells!


Taste that most makes you think of home:

Chocolate torte! Mum’s best pudding!


Favourite thing about going round to Frances’ house: 

It’s always lovely to go home and see my mum, it’s so cosy and in winter I get so excited about sitting by the fire and in the summer sitting in the garden and catching up.


If you & Frances could swap houses with anyone in the world (real or fictional), who would you choose?

Ohhh I think mum and I would love to live by the sea – and somewhere really warm! We both love holidays so I think somewhere abroad would be wonderful




Has hosting people always been an important thing in your family? Where does Laura get it from? 


Hosting has always been important in my family. Coming from a family where I had seven cousins in one family and two in another, Christmas and birthdays, first holy communion and confirmation get-togethers were a big and busy affair with the grandparents - and there were plenty of them.  


When I was young every Christmas was hosted by my Aunt with the seven children, as of course they had the largest house.  Thank goodness she had a dishwasher.  Everyone did a little performance as most of us played an instrument including my mum, aunt and uncle.


When Laura was young we had lots of big dinner parties with couples or sometimes just ‘girls only’.  I loved making favours and going to town to shop for different themes for the table.  I always liked to make my children's birthday parties fun with plenty of friends in attendance. At the end of the dinner party, if there were sweets or favours left on the table, the children could have them if they help tidy up.  It was a good bribe.


I also loved making Valentine’s day special for them, making big heart shaped cookies which were decorated for them to have at valentines breakfast, plus fancy German biscuits at Christmas. I love making any occasion into something special to celebrate.  Life is about making wonderful memories. 


If your home had a soundtrack, what would it be?

People laughing and chatting with some upbeat music.  I really love Spanish music so Gipsy Kings is a must.


A scent that makes you think of home:

Home baking - my mother loves making desserts (and eating them).  So the sweetness of cakes, such as a Victoria sponge cake, really reminds me of home.


Favourite thing about going round to Laura’s house

Obviously seeing Laura and her family and sitting down and having great food round the table with her wonderful settings and decorations on the table. It is nice to see how she does things as our homes are very different in style.