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Our vintage inspired bistro glasses, co-designed with The Vintage List, sold out in record time last November. This elegant, short- stemmed glass for every occasion - from Friday margaritas to milk and cookies - is back, in a limited run, in a set of six, just in time for candlelit dinner parties and festive toasts. After a year of living with the Frenchettes, reaching for them again and again, we can confirm that the perfect glass does exist.
Glassette x The Vintage List Frenchettes

A Love Letter To Paris

Paris is our forever inspiration, from café culture to people watching – and don’t get us started on the bistros. We have been long admirers of those short stemmed wine glasses – the ones you only find down cobbled side streets in the French capital.

We wanted to create our very own stemmed wine glass, but with a twist a vessel that was multifunctional – and for every home.

The Vintage List creates timeless glasses inspired by vintage glassware designs, their imagination and attention to detail makes them the perfect partners to collaborate on our first ever Glassette Edition.


The Frenchettes, Glassette X The Vintage List £79

Each set of The Frenchettes is handmade from lead-free crystal. The glass is mouth blown into moulds and then hand-engraved on fast turning wheels. It is time-consuming and skilful work, which makes each glass unique. Limited edition, sold in a set of six, launching Saturday 1st October, 9am (BST)

"If, like me, you are excited about short-stemmed vessels, then these beauties are for you. The Frenchettes are designed to add something special to every day family meals or to be saved for best and filled with something sparkling."

- Laura Jackson, Co-founder, Glassette